The Cutting Edge

Be Green! Why replace when you can recycle! Be smart, save money and re-sharpen / re-tip your orthodontic pliers!

We are a UK based company to service all your orthodontic instruments. No more waiting weeks - waiting months for your instruments to return from overseas!

Our Services Include:

We repair most types of orthodontic plier including the following:-

Prices from £17.95!

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Our precision orthodontic sharpening set up shows the precision used before grinding Close up of our orthodontic plier set up

Precision Orthodontic Sharpening Equipment Set-up

We are the only company that use a precision setup when re-sharpening your cutters, which ensures single facetted cutting edges, and accurate control of sprained cutting tips, producing tips that meet much closer than cutters honed by hand, as used by most other orthodontic plier servicers!

Plier before sharpening Plier before sharpening

Before Sharpening

The images to the left show a typical pair of orthodontic pliers prior to servicing.

Same plier after sharpening Same plier after sharpening

After Sharpening

These images show the same pair of orthodontic pliers after they have been sharpened and serviced.

Plier with missing cutting tip and its exchange replacement

Damaged Tips

Even cutters with broken tips can be repaired!